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On behalf of the entire team, welcome to, the new place on the web for all things gaming. Starting right now, we'll bring you our vision of the gaming world. Whatever your style of gaming, GameHead is the place you can come for all the latest news, reviews, interviews, fun features, competitions, and a lot more. Our staff members have a huge range of experience right across the gaming industry, and we can't wait to share our love of board games, trading card games, miniatures games, roleplaying games, iPad games, and types of games that haven't even been invented yet!

We know how lucky we are - we get to think about games, write about games, talk about games, and play games - and we want to share our love of all things gaming with you. But GameHead isn't just about what we think. GameHead is about developing the best, most knowledgeable, welcoming, positive, and outstanding online community that has ever measured a distance, turned a card sideways, rolled some dice, touched a screen, or donned a mask of invisibility.


-GameHead Staff