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GameHead Preview: Penny Arcade The Game - Gamers Vs. Evil

Penny Arcade box art

“You should try touching wieners with us Rich. It’s awesome!” -Ben

GameHead sat down with Matt Place from Cryptozoic Entertainment to play the upcoming Penny Arcade the Game - Gamers Vs. Evil board game. This is a deckbuilding game in the spirit of Dominion and Ascension featuring characters from the Penny Arcade comic and related strips such as The Lookouts.

Penny Arcade box

If you’re not familiar with Penny Arcade, then this is the time where we talk about their, uh, “unique” brand of humor. In brief, they’re honest, brutal and funny. But if jokes about touching wieners makes you uncomfortable, then this is probably not the game for you. For everyone else, keep reading.


Penny Arcade the Game - Gamers Vs. Evil follows the traditional deckbuilding style of starting with a few basic resources that are used to buy more and more powerful cards as the game progress. This game features two “currencies” - Tokens which are used to buy Gamer cards, and Power that can be spent to defeat the Evil cards. Each game starts with randomly choosing an assortment of the 22 Gamer and Evil cards which are available to buy that game.

Random set of cards


There are also a number of Gamer Bosses and Evil Bosses, which each have a stack of eight unique Loot cards that have quite powerful powers.

Boss Loot

At the start of the game each player picks a hero that gives them a special power. Some of the heroes also have cards that are inserted into their starting deck, such as Rex Ready’s “License to Kill”.

Boss Loot

Scout Master from Lookouts

Gameplay is fast and furious. There are no “actions” to spend like in some deckbuilding games, so turns move quickly as there are few times where a player builds an engine and gets to draw and play a dozen or more cards on their turn.

This hand was sick.

There’s a good amount of player interaction including a number of “PVP Attacks”. Many of these end with the loser putting a PAX Pox card (named after the “con crud” that so many people fall victim to after spending a long weekend with a few thousand of their closest friends) into their deck.

Penny Arcade the Game - Gamers Vs. Evil is a great introduction to the deckbuilding genre for new players, and also a solid choice for experienced gamers. It will be previewed at PAX, and available at your local store in September. There is also an iOS version in the works for release later this year.

Disclaimer: Two of the GameHead staff were employees of Cryptozoic Entertainment during the development of this game.


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