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Blog: Frozen Synapse and a site update

A blog is a way for GameHead staff to communicate informally with the readers of the site. It's a place for discussions of new site features, informal comments on games we're playing in our spare time, links to things that we think are neat or things that may not necessarily pass editorial muster to be articles on our site. If you want a glimpse into the lives and the minds of people that bring you GameHead, this column is for you.

I know I am pretty late to the party, but Frozen Synapse is awesome. The most stark difference to me is when certain missions have you playing in the dark. It's already complex enough to position your units when you can account for enemy positions and somewhat predict their movements. It's almost impossible to feel like you're making right decisions when you know that there are 3-4 tangos wandering around, but you can't account for them. Gives me a new found respect for people who do this in real life. I can't imagine making life and death decisions with that many unknowns.

Frozen Synapse is running a promotion right now. If you buy the game, you get a second code to give to a friend.

On a slightly more on-topic topic, we are starting to branch out in terms of content. As you may have noticed, we have new external writers. Behind the scenes it means solving some content management stuff that we've been holding off solving. Since launch, we've had only 1-2 writers (Rich and Ben), with about 95% of content being from Rich. This meant that we could cheat in terms of organizing permissions on the site. With the addition of 8-10 external writers, we have to refine article creation tools, create permissions and the ability to track what each writer contributes. There are still a few things to finish up regarding external writers (like getting their pictures, making sure that all articles are listed in their real name and not a nick), but overall I am happy with how we are progressing. Melissa is ridiculous at producing code.

A few weeks ago we contracted Craig Stevenson to do more of the day-to-day news releases. You may have noticed that the small article content (typically posted by GameHead Staff) increased significantly. That's Craig diligently researching and posting news every day. It's awesome to see these changes positively affecting our traffic.


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