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Rio Grande release Friday, a solo adventure game

Friedemann Friese, esteemed creator of games such as Power Grid and Factory Manager, has created Friday, a solo adventure release that hits the stores in mere days.

In Friday, you take on the eponymous role of Crusoe's manservant, and must protect him as he develpos on the island.

From the publisher:

You are helping Robinson, who came ashore on your island, fight against many hazards. At the beginning, Robinson is not very skillful. With each fight he wins you will improve his abilities, but defeats are also helping to get rid off of his worse habits. However, life on the island is energy-sapping, so that Robinson not only gains experiences during his time there, but also starts aging and tends to get clumsy.

In this game, Robinson is represented as a card stack of different behaviors. You are forced to improve this card stack, so you can collect the cards at the end of the game to give Robinson the best chance to win against the tough pirates!

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday, everyone's looking forward to the release date, release date. Be sure to grab a copy soon!


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