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Blog: Ascending to Marriage

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How does a gamer propose to a girlfriend? Does he simply buy a ring? Does he wine and dine his love before getting down on one knee and asking her "the" question?

Or does he get the creators of one of his favorite board games to create a card that is unique to the situation, using that card to propose to the one he loves in the middle of playing their favorite game?

Well, if your name is Alan Gerding, then the last choice is the only way to go! Alan contacted Justin Gary at Gary Games, makers of Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, to see if the deck-building game designers could help him set up a marrirage proposal that his girlfriend, Crystol Shelton, would never forget.

The folks at Gary Games helped Alan set up a plan where he could propose to Crystol during a game of Storm of Souls. At the time, they were at a point where they were about to go to print with some more promotional cards, so they decided to also send to print a special card that would give Alan a chance to pop the question in-game. The card frame was customized for them, and it is a one-of-a-kind card.

But did she say yes? See for yourself!

The "Ring of Gird" also gave Gary Games an idea for a new Game Day promo.

This special promo will be available during the Game Day events that will be taking place in local game stores in the month of February. By "marrying" a faction with Lifebound, you can reliably get 1 Rune per turn. For Storm of Souls fans, this also it easier to hit those powerful Unite effects like Lionheart and Granger as well!

Congratulations to Alan Gerding and Crystol Shelton. We wish you the best!


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