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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 Games for Tech Gamers

Here at GameHead, we know that buying the right gift for the right person can be tricky, and that's especially true when you're buying for a Gamer. The 2012 Holiday Gift Guide is here to help. We've put together a total of 40 games that bring you a huge variety of gaming experiences. Please read our introduction for more details.

Welcome back to the final installment of this GameHead's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide! We've brought you suggestions of modern classics, addictive gamer selections, and some kid-friendly options for the past two weeks.

Today, we wrap things up with a heaping helping of holiday shopping suggestions for the tech gamers on your list. The contents of today's list are all available on the iPad, and a tablet is our best recommendation for these games (although some are also available on smartphones!).

Enough talk. Let's dive in!

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 by Wizards of the Coast

Kicking off our top 5 games for tech gamers is Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 by Wizards of the Coast. The Duels of the Planeswalkers series used to be available only for consoles and PC, but this year, the latest installment was made available for the iPad, and it's a remarkable mobile gaming experience. Learn the basics of Magic: The Gathering through helpful tutorials, and play through a fairly extensive single-player campaign that can entertain you for hours.

With downloadable content available for the game and plenty of decks to unlock, Duels 2013 provides both new spell-slingers or veteran planeswalkers plenty of bang for their buck. With online multiplayer capabilities and plenty of unlockable content, we cannot recommend this enough for the tech gamers on your shopping list.

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer by Gary Games and Playdek

A prominent choice from last year's list, and a solid bet for this year, Ascension by Gary Games is available on iOS devices, and is one of the most addictive gaming experience for the smartphone. Since last year, two expansions have been released for the game, along with the year one promo pack. And, with the third expansion to the popular Ascension series now available in hobby stores, you can bet that it will be on its way in the coming months for the iOS.

With solid gameplay that is perfect for on the go gaming, along with single-player and pass-and-play options available, Ascension is still one of the best gaming experience that you can find on an iPhone or iPad. And for fans of the game who are looking to pass the time until SolForge is released, this game is the perfect addition to a tech gamer's phone.

Small World by Days of Wonder

The game of rising and declining races fighting over a very... well, small amount of territory, Small World, is available on the iPad. Pick from random selections of races and power combinations and conquer your portion of the small world that the game inhabits. Once your race has overstayed its welcome, put them into decline and do it all over again!

Small World has an enjoyable online and pass-and-play experience for multiplayer excitement, and unlike most board games on the iOS, also offers a fairly challenging single-player experience against the AI. With multiple expansions available as in-app purchases, Small World offers a complete and long-lasting board game experience on the iPad.

Le Havre iOS by Sage Board Games

The Uwe Rosenberg specialty from Lookout Games has been brought to the iPad by Sage Board Games. Le Havre iOS is an intense game that is built for gamers, featuring plenty of big decisions on every turn as you start small and amass a town's worth of buildings and ships to become the wealthiest of them all. The iOS version of this brilliant board game makes keeping track of resources, energy, and upcoming turns easily, and helps players focus on the important elements of strategy that are found throughout.

Le Havre iOS offers one of the best single-player experiences against the AI, offering up at least one challenging opponent no matter how many players you have managed by the AI. This iOS offering brings one of the best Euro board game experiences to tech gamers looking for a challenge.

Ticket to Ride Pocket by Days of Wonder

Finally, we cannot help but highlight one of the modern classics from our Top 10 Games for Anyone with Ticket to Ride's iOS version by Days of Wonder. This beautiful games plays just as smoothly on an iPhone or iPad, offering the same great experience that made us fall in love with its physical counterpart.

With the 1910 expansion available as an in-app purchase, Ticket to Ride Pocket offers smooth gameplay, online multiplayer options, pass-and-play, and of course, the same great gaming experience that you just expect from this contemporary masterpiece of board gaming.

And there you have it! That concludes our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide. We hope our guide will help you with your holiday shopping needs this season. Happy holidays, and happy shopping!


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