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2012 Holiday Gift Guide Recap

The days are winding down, and we've less than a month until the new year begins. For many reading this site, it wouldn't be surprising to find yourself shopping for a few gamers this holiday season.

We here at GameHead compiled our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, featuring some of our top picks for gamers young and old, new or seasoned, and then some. In case you missed out on any part of our Holiday Gift Guide, we wanted to offer a brief recap on what we went over.

Top 10 Games for Anyone

We kicked off the Holiday Gift Guide with our choices for the top 10 games for anyone. These includes some modern classics, such as Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan, to new games such as Hot Rod Creeps, and plenty in between. This list was compiled with the everyday person in mind; these games are fun, simple, and offer just enough depth to make things interesting for even the more experienced gamer.

Top 10 Games for Gamers

Our second edition of the Holiday Gift Guide included ten picks on your list that may already be familiar with their best strategies, plays, and terms often used in games. It contains some of the latest deep deck-building games, miniatures games, classic board games with a ton of play, and some of the hottest games that we saw during convention season this year. Notables on this list include Immortal Heroes, Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years, Mage Wars, and Android: Netrunner.

Top 5 Games for the Family

Our Top 5 Games for the Family includes some easy to pick up and simple to play games that the family can enjoy. This list included matching games like Spot It! to kid-friendly steps into the TCG arena with Kaijudo.

Top 5 Games for Tech Gamers

And finally, the Holiday Gift Guide reached its conclusion with the Top 5 Games for Tech Gamers, featuring some of our favorite mobile makings of great board games. Mobile gaming adds a new level up speed to enjoying the games that often have more pieces and points to keep track of, as the AI helps you more easily keep track of everything you have and what you can do. Combined with great gameplay and sometimes some remarkably difficult to beat AI, these games offer something that is a ton of fun on an exciting platform for a great price.

Thanks again for checking out GameHead's Holiday Gift Guide, and we wish you the best in your gaming shopping quest. Happy holidays!


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