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Holiday Break: The Business of Making Gamers

Hi everyone. Thanks for being a part of GameHead in 2012. Your continued support for all that we publish keeps us going!

We are currently on holiday break until January. For this break, we wanted to look back at some of 2012's highlight pieces. We've had some great content here at GameHead, and this is a great time revisit some of it. Each weekday from here on out, we'll take a look at a few articles from GameHead's writing staff, which details everything from basic strategy for the industry's most popular games, to in-depth information on the business side of the hobby gaming industry.

We're kicking off this holiday break with a look at something from GameHead founder Ben Drago. His column, The Business of Making Gamers, is all about taking a look behind the scenes of the game industry, and for start-ups and hobbyists looking to get in on the game industry, it serves as valuable advice coming from someone who has worked in organized play and marketing for game companies for many years.

At the end of summer, Ben wrote two thorough pieces about Gen Con, and making the most of your marketing dollar for this big event. The first one was an introduction, highlighting some of the basics that start-ups should consider when reserving space in the exhibit hall of the best four days of gaming.

The second article expands on a few points from the first, providing details for booth design and how to truly maximize your marketing dollar's effectiveness during the convention's four days.

Gen Con space will sell out for 2013, so if this information applies to you, we highly recommend revisiting Ben Drago's information when it comes time to plan for your big trip.

Happy holidays!


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