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Board Games

Board Games offer something for everyone, and here at GameHead you'll find a huge range of games to tempt you. We'll keep you up to date with all the new information on games in the pipeline right across the industry, whether it's the Dungeons & Dragons board games from Wizards of the Coast, Dominion from Rio Grande Games, Talisman from Fantasy Flight Games, Ticket to Ride from Days of Wonder, and hundreds more covering every kind of subject you can think of, and many more you can't.

We call this section 'board games', but we're a broad church, and you'll find games that use dice, cards, tiles, marbles, and more. You'll also find a wide selection of card games based here, that fall outside the trading card game category. Of course we're going to cover the big names, the gaming franchises like Carcassonne, Catan, Dominion, Runebound, Munchkin, and Axis & Allies. But we'll also bring you news, reviews, and interviews from many of the new kids on the block, looking to make their board games the top of your pile when Game Night comes around.


2012 Holiday Gift Guide Recap

Did you miss any part of our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide? Are you still looking for a couple of things to finish up your shopping list? Never fear! Today, we offer a quick recap of our Holiday Gift Guide in its entirety.    Read more...

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Top 10 Games for Anyone

Looking for the perfect game that is suited for anyone on your holiday shopping list? GameHead is here to help. We've compiled a list of the 10 games for anyone, as this list contains a little something for everyone. Board games, deck-building, party games, you name it! We've got 10 picks of games that we think will make a great holiday gift for someone you know and love!

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