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Blog: Frozen Synapse and a site update

I know I am pretty late to the party, but Frozen Synapse is awesome. The most stark difference to me is when certain missions have you playing in the dark. It's already complex enough to position your units when you can account for enemy positions and somewhat predict their movements. It's almost impossible to feel like you're making right decisions when you know that there are 3-4 tangos wandering around, but you can't account for them. Gives me a new found respect for people who do this in real life. I can't imagine making life and death decisions with that many unknowns.

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Blog: Heroes of Neverwinter

I finally leveled up my wizard to level 10 in Heroes of Neverwinter. This is one of the few Facebook games that I've stuck with for quite some time. While it's not a perfect translation, I find that it's good enough to give me my D&D fix. I think Liquid did a good job taking the D&D engine and simplifying it down to make the game more accessible to mainstream audience. Let's hope that they can work out the bugs and the economy issues in time for launch. 

The game is currently in beta. If you like D&D 4E, go give it a try. If you need services of a level 10 wizard, add me on Facebook.

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