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Blog: Auto publishing

When we launched in August to go live for Gen Con we had to make a few feature compromises. The operating mode was "Let's launch, and we'll get to this feature in 1.2." Well now it's 1.2, and we are starting to catch up with some features. 

One of those features is automatic article posting that this post is testing. Yes, you guessed it, up until now all articles had to be posted manually at very inappropriate times. And by inappropriate, I mean as we're about to enjoy drinks at Shorty's in Seattle.

Welcome to the future, where robots are doing our posting. You see, robots, they don't get drunk and forget...    Read more...

Blog: Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter

So at Gen Con, we got a chance to see Heroes of Neverwinter. Rich wrote up a nice story about it and Ben took some pretty pictures. As with much of the content that I post, I got the urge to try out the game. The problem was that it wasn't out yet. Fast forward to this week: the game launched a closed Beta. Starting with Tuesday, I think, they would open up 500 slots to the few lucky souls that could click fast enough to get it. This would repeat at random intervals, and would always seem to happen when I wasn't paying attention. Finally, with Ben's help I set up a computer that used a firefox addon called reload every, (which does exactly that--reloads a page every X seconds) to get both of us in. Of course productivity dropped to 0 for about an hour. I expect that this game will suck up much of my time in the near future.

I am sure Rich will want to do a review, so I won't spoil much of the gameplay, other then to say that this is exactly what I was looking for in D&D games: bite-sized dungeon crawls that highlight combat.

Blog: At Gen Con

So Ben and I met Rich today face to face for the first time in our company's existance. We've worked with him in the past on other projects--mostly the WoW TCG stuff in Europe. He is awesome as always. If you want to see some of his work head over to and, he does most of the European coverage for WoW TCG and I believe quite a bit of coverage for Wizards internationally. Rich has a ton of Gen Con content lined up for this week that we'll be pushing out starting on Thursday. 

My role this weekend is to publish content. All of this is new and exciting. My roles the past six Gen Cons have always revolved around Organized Play and the TCG Hall area. The hours there are different and it's just a different set of responsibilities. We'll see if I can keep with Rich--he can generate content at ridiculous speeds and we still continue to face the "not all products are in our database yet" issue on the production side. This means for every article Rich writes, I'll have to put up the article, the images and create any brands/manufacturers/games he mentions (plus all of the pictures for them).     Read more...

Blog: Phew


Man, this is really exciting to see. I wasn't sure what people would think of our site. I've been staring at that design for the last month, so I am very used to it by now. It seems that, now the site is out in the open, people are at least appear interested.  

There is so much more to finish, but to get it to this stage we've closed out over 300 bug and features tickets. That's accross 4 internal milestones. The bulk of that is the work of our very talanted programmer and system administrator extraordinare--Melissa. Big thank you to her for many many hours over the last 2 months. Also big thanks to everyone who supported us and helped us get this far: GH team, Miranda, Stacey, Seth, Cyndi, Scott, Tim, slowmail and bitbyte. Here is to hoping that this thing is as successful as we envisioned it to be.