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Miniature Games

There's no doubt that when it comes to gaming nothing gives you more fun per inch than a great minatures game. You'll get all the updates on games like Warmachine and Hordes from Privateer Press, Warhammer and Warhammer 40K from Games Workshop, and you'll find this the perfect place to learn all about HeroClix across its many gaming environments.

We'll bring you all the fun of Monsterpocalypse from Privateer Press. If more conventional battles are more your thing, we'll keep you up to speed with all the goings on in the worlds of Wings of War from Fantasy Flight Games and Axis & Allies Minis from Wizards of the Coast. So get your GameHead on, and become the towering terror of the tabletop!


2012 Holiday Gift Guide Recap

Did you miss any part of our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide? Are you still looking for a couple of things to finish up your shopping list? Never fear! Today, we offer a quick recap of our Holiday Gift Guide in its entirety.    Read more...

ACD Game Day 2012: Where Gaming, Industry, and Family Meet

Every year in Madison, Wisconsin, vendors and retailers from around the world come together for one of the largest games industry retailer trade shows: ACD Games Day, a three-day event from April 11-13 filled with invaluable seminars, demos, and opportunities for networking. With over 75 game design companies sponsoring the event and a massive amount of retailers in attendance, ACD Games Day is the kind of event that ACD Distribution CEO Bob Maher, Jr. feels is valuable for any game or hobby retailer.

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ACD Game Day 2012: Getting a Littell Wyrd

Drew Littell is one of the designers and developers of Malifaux, the dystopian miniatures game put out by Eric Johns and Nathan Caroland’s company, Wyrd Miniatures. Malifaux, Littell says, is for wargamers who have a sense of adventure. It is a miniatures game without dice, that mixes genres, and isn’t afraid to be a little dark. “We like to say that Malifaux is a Steam-Victorian-Wild West-Horror-Punk miniatures game,” said Littell. “It’s character-driven, and victory is way more about what you accomplish in a battle rather than on how many enemies you kill.”

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