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Divine Power image

Divine Power

3.00 (1 rating)
Release Date July 2009
Players 3 - 8
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  • New options for Clerics, Avengers, Invokers and Paladins
  • Introducing the classic concept of Domains
  • Ten new Epic Destinies!

Divinity in Dungeons & Dragons has traditionally presented us with a slight rift between the flavor and the mechanics. We are presented with the Gods and we know the powers and spells that stem from them, but the actual connect between the two is often a little forced. Not so in Divine Power, a source-book that provides some fantastic insight into the roles and rules behind our chosen deities. While we have some great upgrades to our favorite classes - the Paladin in particular receives a much-needed boost of adrenaline - perhaps my favorite section is "Your Deity and You," which provides a fascinating insight into the implications of worshipping a particular godhead. Divine Domains, implemented through the feat system, brings us a great addition to our At-Will arsenal, and the plethora of Epic Destinies available means that those high-level acolytes are never short of a miracle or two! If you're a fan of the divine classes, Divine Power should be at the top of your Wish List.

Play Time:
Very Long (120+ min)

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