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Ticket to Ride image

Ticket to Ride

4.50 (22 ratings)
Release Date 2004
Designer Alan R. Moon
Players 2 - 5
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  • Cross-country train adventures in North America
  • Multi-award-winning, and for good reason
  • Fantastic family fun, with enough strategy for the cutthroat

Words like 'nice' aren't often used to describe a game positively, but you better believe that's what we're doing here. The idea is nice - build train tracks between major cities across North America. The board itself is nice - it's colorful, welcoming, warm. The cards are nice, depicting colored wagons from days gone by that you use to complete sets and thus routes. The element of secrecy is nice - nobody but you knows for sure what routes you're planning to complete. The gameplay mechanics are nice - build your hand to complete longer routes, put a spoke in the wheels of your opponents by blocking off their best paths to victory, and complete the longest route of all for bonus points. You play this when you're a kid, a teen, at college, as a couple, as parents, as grandparents. You know what that makes this game? Nice. Nice - as in, fantastic.  

Play Time:
Medium (30-60 min)
A gaming addiction

From the moment I saw this game on Tabletop, I had to have it. My husband had been telling me about it for a year, but a game about building train routes just didn't sound all that appealing. But then I saw what it was like to actually play this game, and I was hooked.

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Review posted on 07 August 2012
Great casual game

I love this game, but after about 50 plays it starts to get a little old. I use this game with my family and with the wife and friends, but I'm glad it has so many great expansions to mix it up. Without expansions I would rate it a 3/5, but thankfully there are a ton of them and recently lots of map expansions as well. A solid game with a simple premise and lots of depth.

Review posted on 09 November 2011
Good for a mixed crowd.

I only played this game once, but really enjoyed the experience. It was with a mixed gender and mixed experience level group of people. My wife is really excited about buying this for to play at home.

Review posted on 26 October 2011

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