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Quarriors image


4.25 (12 ratings)
Release Date 2011
Publisher Wizkids (US)
Designer Eric M. Lang, Mike Elliott
Players 1 - 4
Brand Quarriors!
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Play Time:
Short (less than 30 min)
Dominion with Dice

I like Quarriors but I can't recommend it to everyone. It is literally Dominion with Dice and everything that implies. Do you think Dominion needs more variance? Or more variants? Then check this one out. If you're looking for a fresh take to redeem the deck-building genre, keep looking, hombre.

Review posted on 26 October 2011
Favorite Game from Gencon 2011

discovered Quarriors toward the end of the convention, I met and talked with the creators as well. Its a wonderfully simple yet intriguing "dice pool building game" If you are familiar with thunderstone or dominion you can pick it up the first time through.

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Review posted on 26 October 2011