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Dominion: Seaside image

Dominion: Seaside

4.25 (6 ratings)
Release Date 2009
Designer Donald X. Vaccarino
Players 2 - 4
Brand Dominion
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  • Requires either Dominion or Dominion Intrigue to play
  • Superb Seaside strategy
  • Plan for the future with all-new Kingdom cards

There's a salty tang in the air, and the potent whiff of opportunity in this water-themed expansion in the Dominion series. New to this set are orange Kingdom cards, which allow canny players to plan ahead for their next turn. Use the Wharf, Tactician, Outpost, or Caravan cards to your advantage, but watch out for Ghost Ship, the Sea Hag, or dangerous Cutpurse. Dominion has always been a game with an almost unlimited supply of strategic options, and that world of possibilities just got bigger. So hoist the mainsail, cast your eye to the horizon, and build the perfect deck to claim Dominion.

Play Time:
Short (less than 30 min)
A bit fiddly, but jam-packed with discovery

This remains my favorite of the Dominion expansions. The Duration mechanic and the extra mats (Native Village + Island) are a bit fiddly, but there's just so much to explore and discover-- the interactions hold up much better than the base set and Intrigue.

Review posted on 27 October 2011

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