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Immortal Heroes image

Immortal Heroes

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Release Date
Publisher Gary Games (US)
Designer Brian M. Kibler, John Fiorillo, Justin Gary
Players 2 - 6
Brand Ascension
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  • New Soul Gems give you access to cards from the past
  • 20 New Event cards included for variant Event Deck rules
  • Combines with Storm of Souls to create a complete game!

The latest expansion in the Ascension universe, Immortal Heroes, concludes the story that Storm of Souls began. Kythis, the Gatekeeper of the Underworld, has freed himself from his duties, and as a result of the souls of the war against Samael are running amok. It is your task to stop Kythis from claiming the powers of the fallen Death God, and to calm the spirits of the war-torn past.

Immortal Heroes is a small expansion, built to combine with Storm of Souls for a complete gaming experience. New cards, including new Trophy Monsters and Events, are included. Immortal Heroes introduces the new Soul Gems mechanic, allowing players to gain one-time bonus effects based on cards seen in previous games. 20 New Event cards are also included for an Event Deck game variant, where players may start with an active event and an Event Deck with all Events randomized, and the Event changes only when New Event cards appear from the Center Deck.

Play Time:
Short (less than 30 min)

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