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5.00 (2 ratings)
Release Date August 31, 2010
Players 2 - 8
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  • Compilation of TCG Greatest Hits
  • All-foil treatment for maximum wow factor
  • Dozens of Loot cards to be re-discovered

Now this is a really classy little item. Carefully chosen from the - that's right - Archives of the WOW TCG, each booster pack contains a true highlight reel from this excellent game. It features exactly the kind of cards you want for decks, ranging from Invoke the Nether, Marksman Glous, and the Lich King, through to solid Commons like A Question of Gluttony, Corki's Ransom, and Myriam Starcaller. Of course, not all the cards are available for your current format of choice, but that isn't why you buy Archives. You buy Archives because it is quite simply one of the most beautiful things we've ever seen. The original artwork was flavorful, funny, distinctive, and attractive, but all those attributes are heightened by the foil-art treatment. There's also the chance to find historic Loot cards, right the way up to the all-conquering Spectral Tiger. A niche product to be sure, but about as perfect a niche product as you could wish for.

Play Time:
Medium (30-60 min)

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