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Forces of Hordes: Skorne image

Forces of Hordes: Skorne

3.00 (1 rating)
Release Date 2010
Players 2 - 4
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  • Complete faction rules and profiles for Skorne models
  • A detailed military history, Skorne Theme Force lists, and painting guide
  • All-new warlock Dominar Rasheth

he vicious Skorne are definitely one of Immoren's “bad guys”. Set on the conquest of the Iron Kingdoms, the disciplined ranks of Praetorians, paingivers and cataphracts emply the dark art of mortitheurgy to push their bodies past the threshold of death and fight on into the afterlife. So, the Skorne are basically malicious vampire samurai... how cool is that?! Forces of Hordes: Skorne is a beautiful 144-page tome that covers all you'll need to master the Skorne, with detailed rules for strong units and factions such as the Nihilator Infantry, the Venator Flayer Cannon artillery and the Paingiver Taskmaster. The stories from the blasted stormlands of Immoren draw you in deep, and the power of the punch wielded by the army keep you coming back for more.

Play Time:
Long (60-120 min)

not the best....

Review posted on 26 October 2011