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Carcassonne The Castle image

Carcassonne The Castle

5.00 (1 rating)
Release Date 2003
Designer Klaus-Jurgen Wrede
Players 2
Brand Carcassonne
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  • Stand alone expansion for the tile-laying classic
  • Designed by the legendary Reiner Knizia
  • Knights, squires, merchants, and heralds come to the fore

Looming over the medieval city of Carcassonne sits the castle, offering reassurance to the citizens and a stark warning to those who would threaten the peace. In this tile-laying stand alone expansion, players create paths, towers, houses, and courts. As these are completed, those players who have most cunningly placed their followers will achieve maximum points. Just like the original, the Castle offers plenty of options, with the constraints of the castle walls themselves a constant challenge. The always excellent Reiner Knizia shows that he's king of this particular castle with another delightful Carcassonne expansion.

Play Time:
Medium (30-60 min)

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