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Two Player Battle Box image

Two Player Battle Box

4.50 (11 ratings)
Release Date September 2011
Players 2
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  • Fast and aggressive 30mm tabletop miniatures battle game
  • Explore the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms
  • Everything you need to begin play in one handy box!

As a novice, one of the trickier things about miniatures battle games is knowing where to start. There's always a wealth of options available to someone stepping up to the battlefield for the first time, and making a wrong choice with army type, style and even game system can cost both time and money. In the world of Warmachine, Privateer Press have brought us a mesmerizing set of options that can dissuade anyone looking to enter the fray as a beginner. The Forces of Warmachine: Two-Player Battle Box attempts to rectify that situation, providing everything a pair of new generals will need to begin their war. With complete Prime Mk II rules in a travel-sized booklet, alongside seventeen models from two separate factions (Khador and Protectorate of Menoth), the Two-Player Battle Box provides a great starting point on which to expand.

Play Time:
Long (60-120 min)
Great box, Great deal!

From what I've seen of the starter box, the sheer amount and quality of figures you get is amazing, coupled with the fact that they are cast in plastic. While the metal 'jacks were full of character, they tended to be a bit cumbersome to put together. Not only do you get some good warjacks, both of the casters are pretty good and will get any newcomer started.

Review posted on 16 November 2011
Great Game, Great Package, Great Value

This starter box contains 2 starting forces for a Khador and Protectorate of Menoth armies for the Warmachine miniatures game. This game is excellent, with finely-tuned rules and models that allow a great variety of playability between all factions and warcasters(leader models). Once you buy this box you have everything you need to play except dice and a measuring device.

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Review posted on 07 November 2011
Zach P

Two armies, a slew of high quality pieces, and everything you'd need to play a quick game of Warmachine. There's no better deal than this set, especially given the synergy that the pieces have right out of the box- It gives you a GREAT feel for how each army functions and plays.

Review posted on 07 November 2011