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Talisman image


3.50 (7 ratings)
Release Date 2007
Designer Robert Harris
Players 2 - 6
Brand Talisman
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  • The classic magical quest game receives an exciting face-lift!
  • Beautiful components, fantastic artwork, emersive gameplay
  • Turning people into toads... what's not to love?

There are certain examples in any given genre that are perfect introductory routes into the more esoteric corners of an unexplored hobby. The Hobbit, for example, is a great "gateway book" into Fantasy Literature for people that have not yet tried a tale of dwarf and elf . If they enjoy it, there are meatier tomes beyond. Similarly, Talisman is a great game for our friends that have only dabbled with Scrabble or Monopoly before... start them gently, and save Agricola for another time. The latest edition of this fantasy staple sees all the favorite tropes revisited. It's a giddy mix of skill and luck, in which you're wearing the crown one minute and turned into a toad the next. As a fan of Talisman for over twenty years, I can safely say that it has aged far more gracefully that I, and is still as attractive as it ever was.

Play Time:
Long (60-120 min)

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Tackle the Talisman Dragon Expansion

Talisman The Dragon

The latest expansion for the classic Talisman is on the way. The Dragon is the title, and it seems that the Dragon Lords are stirring, and that's kind of bad news, to put it politely. Six new characters, each with assorted special abilities, are included to square up to the challenge, with a dual-sided Inner Region the main focus of the expansion.    Read more...