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Memoir '44 image

Memoir '44

4.25 (8 ratings)
Release Date 2004
Designer Richard Borg
Players 2
Brand Memoir '44
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  • Historical combat game of armies battling in stylized World War 2 skirmishes
  • Innovative color dice system that promotes aggressive and flexible play
  • Over 15 complete battle scenarios with a double-sided hex board

Historical wargames have an undeserved reputation for being a little, well, joyless. Rank after rank of tiny Napoleonic footmen, wobbling on styrofoam hillocks, while two portly generals argue over the correct placement of a tape measure. Thankfully, Memoir '44 is nothing of the sort. Yes, it is thematically and commemoratively linked to those who fought bravely in World War 2, but it does not let the history overpower the fun. With a slew of marvelous miniatures and an innovative (and oft-copied) combat system, the 15 complete battle scenarios provide a gamut of gaming that will keep you busy for months. Throw in the online scenarios, and you'll be returning to the battlefield time and time again. Fast-paced and pleasingly strategic, you're never bogged down in the rules or neutered by the setting. War has never been so much fun!

Play Time:
Medium (30-60 min)
Really fun

A truly awesome WW2 board game

Review posted on 26 October 2011

Great WW2 board game. My friends and I have had an absolute blast playing this together. It does a great job adapting, what is at its core is a one on one game, to allow up to eight or even more players.

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Review posted on 29 July 2011

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