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Forces of Hordes: Circle Orboros image

Forces of Hordes: Circle Orboros

5.00 (1 rating)
Release Date 2010
Players 2 - 4
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  • Complete faction rules and profiles for Circle Orboros models
  • An in-depth examination of the Circle Oboros structure, plus painting guide and Theme Force lists
  • All-new warlock Cassius the Oathkeeper and his companion solo Wurmwood, Tree of Fate

Humanity's most ancient and venerated organization, the Circle Orboros is built from formidable mystics that guard areas of vast natural power. They number but a handful, yet these druids can marshal the boundless power of nature and bend the world to their whim. Savage warpwolves and stalking satyrs, and tribes of humans and inhumans alike... where the Circle walks, we should tread carefully. These guys are definitely not tree-hugging hippies. Another great book packed with exquisite artwork and fabulous photos, Forces of Hordes: Circle Oboros brings a slew of fresh options to the battlefield, with a particular favorite being the excellent Reeve Hunter solo. With this book, keeping the Devourer Wurm from the mortal plane of Caen should be a walk in the park... right?

Play Time:
Long (60-120 min)

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