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Primal: Mk II image

Primal: Mk II

5.00 (7 ratings)
Release Date July 2010
Players 2 - 4
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  • Complete core rules for the HORDES tabletop miniatures game
  • Great in-depth histories bring the game world to life
  • Fast-paced, aggressive gameplay gives HORDES its unique feel

So, I think I'll tentatively send out a few scouts, set up a perimeter of guard towers, a three-ring defence round my central citadel, and keep my big guns back in reserve, just in case. Not in HORDES I won't. This game is less about the cowering and all about the courage and the killing. Fortune really does favor the brave, and Primal Mk II gives you everything you need to immerse yourself in the bloodstrewn battlefields of the Iron Kingdoms. You'll get rules and profiles for Trollbloods, Circle Orboros, Legion of Everblight, and Skorne factions. You'll get a painting a hobby guide. You'll get some scene-setting fiction. And, of course, you'll get the complete core rules. It all looks spectacular throughout the 248 pages, whether in hard or softcover versions, and there's really no excuse not to go and buy it.   

Play Time:
Long (60-120 min)
Great system!

The game Hordes is simply fantastic. It is tense and at times more exciting than Warmachine. If you are looking for something new to try, or looking to get into the hobby, Hordes is a great place to start.

Review posted on 16 November 2011
The best miniatures game

I love Warmachine and Hordes, but I only play Hordes so I'll focus on this book. Privateer Press created a great universe to play in, and a great ruleset to back it up. I think both the setting and the ruleset would have made me play, and both together are pure perfection. I love the tight mechanics and well-written rules.

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Review posted on 09 November 2011
Like Warmachine Prime MKII because they are the same game

There will be a number of comparisons between this review and my review of Warmachine - Prime: MK II. It makes sense though as they are fully compatible brother/sister products.

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Review posted on 07 November 2011