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Forces of Hordes: Legion image

Forces of Hordes: Legion

4.50 (2 ratings)
Release Date 2010
Players 2 - 4
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  • Complete faction rules and profiles for Legion of Everblight models
  • An in-depth examination of Legion of Everblight history, Legion Theme Force lists and a painting guide
  • All-new warlock Bethayne, Voice of Everblight and her light warbeast Belphagor

The northern wastes, a barren and frozen hole, is home to a malevolence that, once dormant, now promises to overpower everything in its wake. The leader of the army is the cunning dragon Everblight, whose essence corrupts the very hearts of the generals under his command. Fueled by the blighted Ogrun, tainted Hyss and frightening Dragonspawn, the Legion of Everblight offers some great options to the budding general of chaos. The new warlock Bethayne is particularly strong, as are the Hex Hunters and the Blackfrost Shard. And as with all Privateer Press releases, the full-color book screams quality from every beautiful page. Forces of Hordes: Legion of Everblight is yet another great release from a company that know exactly what the fans want. Recommended.

Play Time:
Long (60-120 min)

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