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Kids of Carcassonne image

Kids of Carcassonne

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Release Date 2009
Designer Klaus-Jurgen Wrede
Players 2 - 4
Brand Carcassonne
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  • Complete stand alone experience in the Carcassonne series
  • Fabulous introduction to strategy gaming for children from 4 and up
  • Catch the sheep, chicken, and cows, and see them safely home

If you're a gaming parent, you're often faced with the challenge of simplifying your favorite games to play with your children. Here, Marco Teubner has done all the hard work for you, retaining much of the classic Carcassonne gameplay while creating a charming version ideally suited to younger children. One key change is the elimination of the scoring system of the original. Here, the first player to place all his figures onto the map wins the game. This 'race' element is a real winner, and it won't be long before your children are clamoring for more.

Play Time:
Short (less than 30 min)

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