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Carcassonne iOS image

Carcassonne iOS

4.75 (14 ratings)
Release Date June 2010
Players 1 - 4
Brand Carcassonne
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  • The legendary tile-layer gets a digital makeover
  • Comprehensive conversion with multiple AI opponents
  • Brand new Solitaire mode, just in case!

Carcassonne is a game that keeps on growing. Here at GameHead we've almost lost count of all the expansions that have hit our gaming table since the original game of farmers, thieves, knights, and monks. Now that same elegant gameplay and beautifully stylish artwork comes to a digital platform, but with plenty of extra reasons for good times ahead. First, this is a great way to teach someone the game, using the in-game tutorial. Second, nine different AI players really do give you a proper workout, especially as you try to work out what they're up to. There's a new Solitaire mode too, ideal for those who like to see their names on top of internet leaderboards. In short, perfect i0S-entertainment.  

Play Time:
Medium (30-60 min)

My husband and I both have this game. We play through out the day. We love that we can play my all time favorite game and we don't have to worry about the tiles getting stolen by our son. Plus we can take as long as we want to play the game. I just wish they would come out with the expansions!

Review posted on 09 November 2011
Great conversion from the table top game

Great iOS version of the table top game. Plays quickly and the multi-player is seamless and awesome. If you love Carcassonne but struggle getting time to play the table top, this is a great substitute.

Review posted on 09 November 2011
Hours and hours of play

This is an excellent translation of the case Carcassone board game. The interface is well-designed and easy to use, and plays very well in both single and multi-player games. We usually have a couple asynchronous games going, where each player takes a turn at their own pace and the other players receive a notification when it's their turn. 

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Review posted on 31 July 2011