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Super Dungeon Explore image

Super Dungeon Explore

5.00 (1 rating)
Release Date October 2011
Designer Chris Birkenhagen, Deke Stella, John Cadice
Players 2 - 6
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  • Classic dungeon crawl adventure coupled with a “Saturday morning TV show” aesthetic
  • Appealing to eight-year old kids and veteran gamers both
  • Great artwork, fantastic components... a huge box o' fun!

In the realm of fantasy board games, there are hundreds of dark and brooding game worlds which to explore.  Continents that ooze menace, inhabited by a venomous populace that would slash your throat for a penneth of hot gravel. So where are the worlds in which things aren't quite so dark? Why must we always stand off against emo-monsters? Happily, Super Dungeon Explore is here to right this wrong. Super Dungeon Explore has more in common with the aesthetic of Gauntlet or an eight-bit arcade game than it does with Mordor or Westeros. Emphasis is placed on the hack and slash, set in a unique and charming world that's full of quirky visuals and ideas. Don't thing for a second that this means the game is shallow... far from it. With a wide story arc, there are campaign rules to enjoy, a multitude of heroes and monsters to battle, and high adventure to be had every step of the way. Whether you're new to gaming or a grizzled dungeon-crawling veteran, Super Dungeon Explore will not fail to charm and enthral you in equal measure.

Play Time:
Long (60-120 min)

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GameHead Preview: Super Dungeon Explore

Super Dungeon Explore

John Cadice is a busy man. Like many in the industry, he wears a dizzying number of 'hats', covering a broad sweep of game design, marketing, brand, promotion, accounting, sales...this guy does it all. As owner of Soda Pop Miniatures, he's the proud owner of one of the more exciting board games on display this week, Super Dungeon Explore. As he explains, having worked extensively for Games Workshop in the past, he's done more than his fair share of 'grimdark' scenarios, and that's certainly not the world you'll be exploring.    Read more...