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Starter Deck - Duelist Toolbox image

Starter Deck - Duelist Toolbox

4.75 (3 ratings)
Release Date June 1, 2010
Designer Kazuki Takahashi
Players 2
Brand Yu-Gi-Oh!
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  • 44 card deck provides a solid base for any new Duelist
  • New cards introduced, such as Junk Destroyer and Synchron Explorer
  • Great value for new Duelists

Starter Decks have always intended to teach younger players the basic mechanics of the TCG, but what sets Duelist Toolbox apart is the inclusion of some powerful Synchro Monsters. Duelist Toolbox focuses on teaching the mechanics of Synchro Summoning, particularly its boss monster in the form of Junk Destroyer. This monster, upon its successful Synchro Summon, can destroy as many cards up to the number of non-Tuner monsters used as Synchro Material. The power of its effect has led it to be included in the Extra Decks of many decks that utilize the power of Quickdraw Synchron. Meanwhile, Synchron Explorer adds in a reverse toolbox capability to Synchron decks, allowing it to Special Summon another Synchron monster to set up a quick Synchro Summon. Finally, X-Saber fans receive some additional support in X-Saber Wayne, allowing them the capability to swarm the field faster than before. 

Play Time:
Short (less than 30 min)

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