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Dungeon Master’s Kit image

Dungeon Master’s Kit

4.00 (1 rating)
Release Date November 16, 2010
Designer Logan Bonner, Matthew Sernett, Rodney Thompson
Players 3 - 8
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  • Aimed squarely at new Dungeon Masters
  • All the tools you need to get your party started
  • Packed with advice, tables, guides, adventures. Everything, really

  Visit your local game store, and the shelf upon shelf of D&D products can look a little daunting. Just how many of these things do you need to get your adventures going? One. This. Although this product alone isn't meant to be the be-all and end-all of your D&D experience, it absolutely is designed to get you playing with the minimum of fuss, and the minimum of investment. The 272 page paperback DM book is the cornerstone of the package, bringing together all the key rules, philosophies, charts, and so on, that are essential for every DM. Once you've explored that, it's on to part two, featuring monster tokens, two poster maps, and two adventure books, that together tell the story of the Reavers of Harkenwold. You even get a DM screen to keep secrets hidden away from prying player eyes. While you're likely to move onward and upward in a few months, this is the one essential for all new DMs. Essentials. Good name.

Play Time:
Very Long (120+ min)
In The Box
  • 256-page book of rules and advice for Dungeon Masters
  • Two 32-page adventures
  • 2 sheets of die-cut monster tokens
  • 2 double-sided battle maps
  • Fold-out Dungeon Master’s screen

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