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Dominion: Intrigue image

Dominion: Intrigue

5.00 (8 ratings)
Release Date 2009
Designer Donald X. Vaccarino
Players 2 - 4
Brand Dominion
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  • Stand alone expansion to the amazing deckbuilding extravaganza
  • The gloves come off with some nasty surprises for your opponents
  • Strategy doesn't get much better than this

The original Dominion was a huge gaming hit, popular for so many reasons. It looked amazing, had vast replayability, was super-strategic, and most of the time you didn't even care when you lost! It was that good. Thankfullly, Intrigue continues the trend. As before, players gradually build their decks, choosing cards to work in perfect harmony towards achieving those precious Victory Points. At the heart of the expansion are new Kingdom cards. There's plenty of action amongst the nobles, with Barons and Dukes waiting in the Great Hall to aid your cause. But the seamier side of life is never far away, so watch out for the Saboteur, the Swindler, the Conspirator, or even the Torturer. With every card new deckbuilding possibilities open up. Dominion Intrigue is the kind of game you play again and again and again.

Play Time:
Short (less than 30 min)

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