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Role Playing Games

This is where you'll find the games where the only boundaries are your imagination. Our commitment to you is that whether you want to be a dwarf, a hunter, an assassin, a medieval monk, a 27th century vampire, a shepherd, a troll in a beauty contest, or just the ringmaster who keeps the three ring circus going each week at your RPG night, GameHead is going to bring you all the latest news, reviews, and in-house gossip about your favorite gaming systems.

Of course, we'll bring you comprehensive coverage of both Dungeons & Dragons from Wizards of the Coast, and the Pathfinder RPG system from Paizo Publishing, but we're going to cast our net a lot wider than those two fabulous systems. Whether it's a fantasy setting, steampunk, alternate history, or future worlds, we'll bring you coverage to help your imagination soar.


Will D&D Next be “D&D Last”?

Back in January Wizards of the Coast announced that they would be conducting open playtesting for the next version of Dungeons & Dragons, which they’ve been calling “D&D Next”. This announcement was not completely a surprise, as the changes introduced in 4th Edition had led many players to crown the Pathfinder RPG from Paizo as the legimiate heir. Retailers have seen a corresponding surge in sales of Pathfinder books and accessories, while the number of 4th Edition releases have slowed significantly.

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Kickstarter Chronicles: DrunkQuest

A closer look at a real Kickstarter project. How the idea starts, what the process is in building that idea into an actual game, and the ordeals involved in launching it on Kickstarter. This is the story so far for DrunkQuest from GameHead writer Jasn Painter.

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