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In this section you'll find advance news, reviews, screenshots, and lots more cool stuff about the games that are making their way to your ipad/android/laptop/toaster (delete as applicable). At the heart of our VG section are the classic board and card games that are making their way into the virtual domain. Want to know how the AI plays in The Settlers of Catan for ipad? What the solitaire mode for Carcassonne plays like? Whether Ticket to Ride still has the same awesome feel as the original, and what expansions are on the way for Smallworld? You'll get all that and more.

We're certainly going to tell you all about the virtual platforms that deliver high-quality gaming experiences 24/7. We'll be right there to bring you all the latest from Magic Online, the new Pokémon Online, and more. We'll cast our net far and wide to bring you the gems that others can't. For electrifying coverage of all things game, get yourself plugged in to GameHead's VG center!


Dominion Online Game Fails to Launch and Returns to Beta

The eagerly awaited launched of the Goko game portal was scheduled to happen during Gen Con last week. Goko is building a development and hosting platform for "social games", and have licensed a number of well-known tabletop games such as Dominion, Catan World, and Race for the Galaxy. Until last week, few details about their platform had been released.

But when they opened up the servers to the public for the first time last Thursday, the demand for Dominion Online was so great that the service immediately became unresponsive and was shut down two days later.

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